Why wearable technology like fit watches is so popular

June 10, 2021

Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular. Convenience and accessibility have changed the game when it comes to how we approach our smart devices. At Doha, we see the potential for a tremendous opportunity with wearable tech and want to help you find what’s right for you. Before we get too involved, let's look at some of the reasons wearable technology has gotten to be so popular.

Instant physical feedback

Sensors in wearable technology like a fit watch provide wearers with instant feedback about what their body is doing. Those who wear watches and track their fitness progression, they’re able to get a precise reading that includes heart rate, physical activity for the day, and even daily caloric burn. By getting real results, it allows wearers to train more effectively and efficiently by seeing what is getting results. Real-time feedback shows the speed and intensity of a workout without using bulky invasive equipment.

In addition to physical activity, there are available options to track sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep eludes many of us and, with the help of a fit watch, we can learn more about how to sleep to find ways to improve it. With the help of feedback from wearable tech, many people have found ways to get the sleep they’ve been wanting.


Watches can be bulky and heavy. This can lead to them catching on furniture or random items and getting scratched or broken. Wearable tech is designed to be sleek and small, which makes it easier to keep it closer to your wrist. Is there a chance you’ll bang your fit watch against your kitchen counter and scratch the screen? Yes, but the band is often specially designed to keep the casing close to your skin so it’s not as likely. Furthermore, fit watches are also designed to be lightweight so those who don’t typically wear a watch won’t notice much of a difference.


In addition to the feedback you receive from your fitness watch as well as the minimal impact that it has on the weight of your wrist, wearable technology offers a major convenience to your everyday life. You can go about your day-to-day without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. From reading and responding to text messages, making and taking phone calls, or simply checking the weather. You can operate your phone from the convenience of your wrist without making any extra effort with your actual smartphone.

Simple motivation

It’s been found that getting regular feedback from a fit watch is motivating to those who wear them to keep moving. Seeing numbers like daily step counts and more go up has found to be helpful in getting people to continue to pursue their personal fitness goals. Many wearers find that getting this kind of information is a great way to continue to pursue fitness goals.

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Why wearable technology like fit watches is so popular