Why Using a Subscription Service for Devices Can Benefit Your Business, From Doha Inc., Sponsors of Bridgehampton Raceway

December 11, 2019

Traditionally, individuals, businesses, and other organizations acquire their technological devices, programs, and other IT equipment in the same fashion.

They purchase systems and programs outright. In house or IT support consultants get them set up and keep them running. When they age into obsolescence, you or your organization is responsible for the safe disposal of devices. This service alone will become more costly over time.

Although more recently, leasing has emerged as an option, these arrangements tend to lock clients into long-term commitments that are not always convenient for those looking for digital devices.

Our team at Doha Inc., a proud supporter of Bridgehampton Raceway, supports a wide range of organizations with subscription-based computer products. Here is why this service can benefit you. 

How Subscription Services Work

Most people’s experience with subscription services extends to magazines and newspapers. Over the last couple of decades, online media has extended this model to include satellite radio, the streaming of movies and television, and also video games. 

Subscriptions require a regular payment in exchange for access to certain products or services. 

Increasingly, people see the benefit in offering and purchasing subscription services across the board. Subscription-based purchases relieve businesses, organizations, and individuals of many of the responsibilities and burdens of direct ownership. You only need to use the product and report any problems to the service providers.

Subscriptions also provide enhanced service beyond what is usually found in the traditional lease. Cadillac currently offers a subscription car service that allows you to trade vehicles up to 18 times per year. 

Finally, most subscriptions allow for an easy exit out of the contract. Unlike leases that lock the relationship in place, subscriptions offer flexibility. When you no longer need the service, cancel it with no further obligation.

Temporary operations, such as pipeline construction, political campaigns, and other fields find that a subscription service works best for their needs. If an operation opens and closes down unpredictably, subscriptions provide the perfect technology solution.

Products and Services Available with a Doha Inc. Subscription

Doha Inc. serves as a pioneer in providing top quality computers, mobile phones, wearable technology, laptops, tablets, and more through subscription services. 

We already have an advantage in computer sales with our guaranteed fast boots every single time. Our clients appreciate the boost in productivity possible when a computer is ready to operate from the first minute that you turn it on.

Even better, we offer our products and services via subscription. Buying computers through a subscription service relieves you of issues related to ownership or leasing.

We offer the following products by subscription:

  • Tablets
  • Digital projectors
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Wearables
  • And a wide array of business devices and accessories

Contact us today to see if our selection of digital equipment can meet your organization’s needs.

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