Why Choose Computers and Mobile Devices from Doha Inc of Bridgehampton, NY

January 29, 2020

If your company runs like most others, you rely more on office desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, and even wearables now more than ever.

In our experience, companies encounter huge hassles when the time comes to adopt new technology or replace old devices. Unfortunately, many small to medium-sized businesses lack the expertise to make the most effective decisions on technology.

The old fashioned way of obtaining devices, buying and owning them presents too many problems for most businesses today. We've found that businesses find the complexity and the unexpected and costly responsibilities of ownership vexing.

For this reason, we offer an alternative in Bridgehampton, NY and elsewhere - a subscription service that provides all of the advantages of ownership with almost none of the drawbacks.

Superior Reliability and Higher Productivity When You Choose Doha Inc. Subscriptions Over Ownership

Our service offers clients a better way. When you subscribe to Doha Inc, you will no longer have to deal with confusing installations, trying to guess which devices will serve your needs best.

Plus, our computers and other devices exceed our clients' expectations for speed and reliability, including a special feature found almost nowhere else.

All of our computers have a 30-second start-up guarantee. Unlike other popular brands that may take several minutes to get up to speed, Doha devices provide immediate productivity.

Quick start-up and immediate usability mean that you do not lose five or more minutes per computer waiting for it to achieve optimal speeds. Those minutes over even a month’s time add up to significant losses of work

Finally, for most, the Doha Inc. subscription takes the place of paid IT staff or consultants. Our team takes care of hardware and software installation, upgrades, and disposal of no longer needed devices.

Subscription Service Benefits

We also offer another edge over the traditional ownership model with our easy and convenient subscription service. 

Other companies simply want to sell you devices, then charge you extra for a service agreement. Instead, Doha Inc. prefers to make a commitment to each of our customers. We provide computers, mobile phones, tablets, wearables and accessories as part of a subscription service.

For a convenient and reasonable once monthly fee, you will get not only some of the best devices available but also end-to-end service and support.

This comprehensive service includes installation assistance, upgrades when your current devices become obsolete, and outstanding support.

Our clients often share with us how much easier a subscription service is for them over purchasing their own devices.

Why Clients Love Doha Devices and Support

 Many small businesses, non-profits, and even local government agencies lack the resources and expertise to make effective decisions about what they need and how to use it. 

A Doha Inc. subscription provides customers with worry-free IT that costs less in time, effort, and often money. Furthermore, when your device needs change, we can adapt seamlessly.

Moreover, you avoid an understated problem that will bedevil companies that own their own computer systems. Proper disposal of equipment has grown into a costly problem. Countries that once imported e-waste have tightened environmental laws, driving up disposal costs. 

With Doha, you can rest assured that old devices are disposed of properly and with full respect to the environment.

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