What you need to know about subscription-model devices

July 12, 2021

Buying computers, smartphones, tablets, and everything else you need to make your company run can get expensive quickly. Whether it’s because you’re supplying the necessary equipment, paying for support, buying software licensing, or anything else, you’re going to have to keep dropping a bunch of money on your equipment. With the help of Doha Inc., you can pay a fraction of the costs and get your team everything you need. We offer subscription-model devices to ensure that you have everything you need to run smoothly.

If you’ve never paid for tech equipment on a subscription model, keep reading for things that you need to know about the business and how you can benefit.

We take care of maintenance

Your computers are going to require maintenance over the years. When you pay for subscription-model devices, you’re paying for more than simply the item itself. You’re also going to be paying for the necessary maintenance costs that come with it. By having maintenance costs built into what you pay for equipment, you have support available when you need it and you never have to fit repair costs into your monthly budget. For a small business owner, this can be a game-changer.

You get the latest technology

One problem with buying a laptop computer is that all the hardware you have built into it will likely be out of date within two or three years. This means that your computer will start to get bogged down with old equipment that isn’t able to keep up with the work that you’re trying to do. You can combat this with a subscription laptop that is easy to upgrade. Especially with Doha Inc., we offer our 30 Seconds Boot Up Promise. This means that if your computer starts to slow down, we’ll do what needs to be done to speed it back up again.

Saves you money in the long run

Buying laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other equipment all once makes for a costly bill. With some companies, you can finance the equipment or you can always put it on a credit card. However, you’re still going to pay top dollar for what you’ve purchased and even beyond when you include the interest of your company credit card. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay extra for support should it have any issues in the future. You can save yourself money now and in the future by paying for a subscription device. You likely won’t pay as much in the end for everything that you’re getting from your subscription service.

Never pay for IT support

When you work with a subscription service to get devices that you need for your company, it’s in their best interests to make sure it’s all working in peak condition. Because of this, you’ll get IT support included in your services so you don’t have to outsource your IT or add extra employees to your payroll. You’re already paying for these services with your device.

Get expert advice

If you’re not sure which devices are best for you, speak with our experts. We can offer you advice that will help you choose the best device for what you need. Laptops are great for office spaces and traveling, but a tablet is an excellent choice if you’re doing a lot of work on the go. We’ll make sure what you have does the job for you.

Get in touch for more

If you’d like to learn more about our subscription-model devices, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We offer laptops, smartphones, projectors, and more. At Doha Inc., we can help you get set up with the right equipment for you. You can give us a call at 888-DOHAINC.

What you need to know about subscription-model devices