What You Didn’t Know About Doha Devices for Businesses

April 8, 2020

Here at Doha®, we understand that businesses need access to the latest and best technology in order to stay abreast or ahead of their competitors. That’s why we created our subscription service. Committed to helping businesses nationally and internationally to cope with the demands associated with modern technology, here is what you need to know about Doha Devices for Businesses.

Businesses Get the Best Tech Without Buying It Outright

With Doha, organizations can get hold of the best laptops, mobile phones, and other devices without purchasing them outright. Instead of shelling out a lump sum, you pay a more manageable monthly subscription for the technology you need.

You Benefit from Ongoing IT Support

Because you are purchasing your devices as part of a subscription-based model, you benefit from ongoing IT support. There will be no need to recruit your own IT team or organize your own IT support with a third party. Our IT Support provides service and support and takes care of all of the responsibilities associated with owning a device. They also facilitate data security and help you avoid problems associated with downtime.

Doha Takes Care of the Software Your Business Needs

Your Doha device comes fully loaded with a full suite of apps and plugins. We install the latest, top-of-the-line software so you can get started straight away. All the software is included in your subscription plan.

We Give You a 30 Seconds Boot Up Promise

It’s frustrating when you have to wait for your computer or laptop to load up. You want to just turn it on and use it, not waste valuable time waiting around. Often, if your computer is slow to boot up, it indicates that there is a problem. Built with performance at an optimum level, our namesake brand computers are healthy, and we guarantee that our devices will start up almost instantaneously.

Doha Inc Connected Devices Work Together Seamlessly

Our namesake brand mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet, or handheld devices work seamlessly with one another. That means information stored on a device is available across all your Doha devices. When you connect to the cloud, you can access business programs on any of your devices, and file transfer between devices is lightning fast.

We Are More Than a Computer Business

As well as computers, laptops, and tablets, Doha specializes in other products. Doha® wearables include smartwatches. Doha smartwatches work seamlessly with Doha BDFONES®, which are unlocked mobile phones, and sync with Doha laptops via a wireless connection. We also provide the latest accessories to complement your devices and help you to get the maximum use from them.

Our Projectors Take Your Presentations to another Level

We also offer groundbreaking projection systems to help you achieve outstanding presentations, displays, and conferences. The Doha projection system is lightweight, versatile, easy to use, and small enough to fit in your desk drawer. You can launch your presentation from your laptop, and you don’t even need a TV screen for your audience to enjoy your visuals. Use your Doha projector with a pull-down projection screen, a whiteboard, or a light-colored wall as a backdrop.

Enjoy a Customized Monthly Subscription

With Doha Devices for Businesses, each customer has an individual plan to suit them. Your subscription model will be designed to suit your end needs. People and businesses that need the latest technology and devices that load quickly can access what they need in exchange for a convenient monthly payment.

If you’re interested in securing the latest computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and projection devices in exchange for a monthly subscription, get in touch with us to learn more. We take care of the apps and software you need so you can be up and running with the best technology sooner. Contact us today.