What to Know About Subscription Based Devices from Doha Inc.

December 27, 2019

The increasing use of subscription-based services across the board has quietly created a revolution in purchasing. Businesses, individuals, government agencies, and others have seen added convenience and even lowered costs by following the subscription model.

Because consumers have not only grown accustomed to the subscription model, but in some cases, prefer it, Doha Inc. has helped to pioneer the market for subscription-based devices.

Below, we describe how and why our subscription service meets our customers’ needs better than outright purchase or other alternatives.

The Doha Difference

Doha Inc. manufactures a range of laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Individuals, businesses, and other organizations turn to Doha devices for a number of reasons.

First, Doha devices are specifically engineered to run at full speed from the first minutes they are used in the day. Many competing brands can take up to 10 or more minutes to reach full speeds. This means each employee using a device could potentially lose three and a half hours per month of productivity just waiting for their computers to function properly.

Doha’s full range of technological devices also works well in tandem, ensuring that in business or organizational use, you will see the highest standards of seamless performance.

A Full Range of Mobile Devices for Individual or Business Use

Doha Inc. offers a wide variety of selections for individual or business use. These include:

• The latest computers with fast start-up and powerful capabilities

• Mobile phones built to last with excellent memory and storage

• A wide selection of wearables

Why Subscription Devices May Suit You Better Than Purchase

When you purchase a brand new computer, wearable, tablet, or another device, you take full ownership of that product.

That includes all of the responsibilities of direct ownership.

When it comes to set up, oftentimes you are on your own. If a device has difficulties, you have to pay for a repair. Should a computer break down, or age out of useful function, you have to either deal with increasingly expensive safe disposal costs or store it yourself, probably in perpetuity.

Even worse, if your organization relies on these devices, you need an IT service. You will either have to hire expensive staff or contract with consultants who may not be willing or able to make your business their priority after purchase.

Subscribing to Doha Inc. transfers all of those responsibilities to us. We provide service and support. When your device no longer functions, we handle disposal. Many tasks conducted by many organizations’ IT staff fall under our purview in a subscription model.

Unlike devices purchased outright, subscription services help you by taking care of all of the responsibilities of ownership while providing all of the needed incidentals.

Let Doha Inc. take care of your personal, business, or organizational needs by providing top quality digital devices with the security and peace of mind that we provide through our subscription services.

Reach Out Today

Subscription service for digital devices is a new concept to many individuals and organizations. For that reason, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about our products and services.

Our staff has X decades of combined experience in information technology and will happily assist you with answers or also placing an order for service.

For your business, organizational, or personal computing needs, let Doha Inc. serve as your one stop to get the devices that you need at a fair cost and enhanced convenience.