What are IoT devices?

June 10, 2021

There’s a chance you’ve heard of IoT devices, but you don’t know what they are. Lucky for you, you’ve found Doha. IoT stands for “Internet of Things”. Yes, that’s incredibly vague. Oftentimes when the word “things” is used, we’re not entirely sure what kind of things are being referred to. In order to better understand what kind of things are included in the IoT, let’s first explain what exactly it is.

What is the IoT?

When you have a group of devices that can be easily connected that can collect and transfer information, you have yourself the Internet of Things. This can include a variety of devices that work together via WiFi, Bluetooth, or cloud storage like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops. By connecting devices, you can work more efficiently at home or in the office. At Doha, we carry all of these devices and can help you connect them to create your very own IoT.


Smartphones are great devices for getting work done on the go. Whether you’re taking care of tasks as simple as responding to emails or text messages, making phone calls, or managing your team, smartphones have become devices that truly make it easy to get your work done. However, the problem many people have with working on their smartphones is transferring what they’ve done to their computers. By connecting your devices and creating your own IoT, your work will seamlessly transfer to your tablet or laptop as you need it to.


If you like to work on the go, tablets are an excellent way to make it happen. While you’re often limited in your ability to type, a tablet is compact enough that it’s easy to store away in a bag but the touchscreen provides enough of a size advantage over a smartphone that you’re not limited in your ability to touch in small spaces. Additionally, your tablet makes an easier surface to work in creative apps as needed. When your IoT devices are fully synched, you can make your work available on your laptop or smartphone. This is beneficial because it’s not uncommon to be in a situation where you can’t do a presentation from your tablet so your laptop is a better place to work from. You can make this switch without saving your work to an external hard drive or emailing it to yourself.


Smartwatches are becoming more and more common among professionals who are in need of working quickly and efficiently. The ability to respond quickly respond to emails or text messages without ever taking your phone out of your pocket makes it easy to get more work done on the go. By syncing your smartwatch with the rest of your IoT devices, you have one more place to easily access important documents and communication.

Laptop computers

Your central hub for working is likely to be your laptop computer. Whether it’s hooked up to a monitor display or where you prefer to work, it’s usually the most efficient place to keep your work. If you end up working on other devices, you’re going to want to make sure everything is backed up or at least available on your main workstation. Your IoT devices will work together to make your workday easier and more efficient.

Learn more with Doha

If you’d like to learn more about IoT devices for your company or personally, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Doha. We can help you find the right devices to fit your needs. You can reach us by calling 888-DOHAINC. Our team is here to answer your questions and assist you in getting the devices that you need.

What are IoT devices?