The Latest Wearable Technology Trends

April 9, 2021

It seems technology is evolving almost faster than we can keep up with it. One of the recent trends has been wearable technology. From geographic location to keeping track of your vitals, wearable technology trends are growing quickly! We’re here to get you up to date on all the awesome technology that you can wear and keep on your body as you go throughout your day. Powerful, stylish, and extremely useful, we predict that wearable technology is here to stay. Wearable technology is the future, so it’s best to stay informed about this surging trend.

Smartwatches, Bracelets, and Rings

Fitbits and smartwatches have been around for a while and use touchscreens that allow you to stay tethered to your mobile device. From answering emails and checking messages, they also record your heartbeat and activity levels to let you know about your fitness levels. If you prefer the more restrained look and want to hide the fact you’re wearing a fitness tracker, this technology is evolving to look like regular jewelry! There are plenty of stylish bracelets and rings disguised as fitness trackers. The only downside is no touchscreen.

It seems there are no limits to what these devices can do! From tracking your reproductive cycles to analyzing your sleep patterns and reminding you of your appointments, they have become a part of our regular lives.

Audio Sunglasses

Tired of using BlueTooth headphones? Then put on a pair of audio sunglasses and sit back to enjoy the music. They look like regular sunglasses but they use technology to provide in-ear sound while shading your eyes from the sun. With battery lives that last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, they’re a great option for athletes and outdoor exercises.

Posture Correctors

Many of us are guilty of slouching at our desks while we’re working. When we’re focusing on doing our jobs we often forget to think about our spines. Over time, bad posture can increase back pain and permanently alter how you carry yourself. That’s where posture correctors come in. When worn, these devices keep track of your posture and gently alert you with a vibration when it worsens.

Good posture has great benefits to our health, from better breathing to increased energy, these wearables are improving our lives one back at a time.

Smart Clothes

From fitness socks with built-in textile sensors that collect data on your stride while running to bathing suits with a UV sensor, smart clothes may be the next big trend in wearable technology. This trend makes sense, as rather than buying separate wearable devices, they can be built into clothes that we already wear every day.

Racquet Sensors

Tennis players, rejoice! Racquet sensors are the latest wearable technology that attaches to your racquet and sends information to your phone via BlueTooth. Racquet sensors allow you to analyze your game, including swings, strokes and serves. One company went even further and created a smart racquet that has a built-in sensor.

Doha Wearables

Our smartwatches work seamlessly with our phones and laptops. They are wirelessly connected to your other devices but come with 10 GBPS supercords for lightning-fast file transfer. Stylish, comfortable, and affordable, after you get a Doha wearable you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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