What Are the Benefits of Renting Laptops for Students?

June 8, 2022

If you’re a student, you know how important a laptop is for your classes. From managing your schedule to completing online assignments from any location, laptops bring numerous benefits. But laptops are often big investments. So should you rent laptops if you’re a student for your courses, or buy one?

Convenience and Ease

Renting a laptop can be far more convenient than buying a laptop. That’s because you’re in complete control of when you need a laptop and for how long.

Laptop rental subscriptions offer flexibility and ease that buying a laptop wouldn’t. For example, let’s say you’re planning to study abroad one semester. But you don’t want to buy a new laptop for the few months you’ll be away.

Instead, you can enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month laptop rental service, and experience the same convenience and ease of use you need, without the bigger price tag. You’ll still be receiving laptops that perform just as well, (if not better!) than your older laptop.

With Doha Inc, you can expect to receive a laptop that’s fully loaded and built for performance all on a flexible subscription plan tailored to your needs.


Renting a laptop is less expensive than buying a laptop. This is immensely beneficial for students who may be paying rent, tuition, or simply trying to avoid larger investments while they’re in school.

Since a computer is crucial for the coursework a student completes, renting a laptop instead of buying one or building a new computer allows students an affordable way to keep up with their classes. Not to mention that as a student, you’ll likely need to buy and install the latest software tools and programs for a laptop to meet your needs.

At Doha Inc., we offer subscription-based laptop rental services that come equipped with updated software so you can immediately begin using your new device. We also offer a wide range of accessories, like wearable technology and tablets, that will connect with your laptop and complement your workflow.

Quickly Replace Slow, Malfunctioning Laptops

Over time, laptops can slow down or malfunction. But the wait time for fixing a laptop is highly inconvenient.

And as you’re well aware, your classwork doesn’t stop because of a broken laptop. Every week you might be completing new assignments online or meeting with your class over Zoom, so you need a working laptop to be successful.

With laptop rental services, you can quickly send your old laptop in for a new one without needing to worry about long repair times. In fact, Doha Inc’s laptop rental subscription will eliminate the need for IT support and ensure that you experience minimal downtime as we replace your current laptop with a fresh new device.

Stay Up to Date

The health of a laptop is tied directly to its speed. The longer the boot time, the more likely it is that the laptop needs servicing, extensive updating, or replacing completely.

Doha Inc laptops are designed to provide you with the latest software and app suite to make sure that you benefit from fast load times, have responsive devices, and that your laptop is helping you achieve your goals as a student. Not slowing you down.

Make Your Semester a Success with Doha Inc’s 30 Seconds Boot Up Promise

Ready to raise your GPA? For the same benefits that come with buying a laptop, you can rent laptops from Doha Inc as a student and enjoy our 30 Seconds Boot Up Promise. Our laptops offer fast load times so you can immediately begin your work whenever, or from wherever you might be.

Get in touch with us at 1-888-DOHAINC for more information about our subscription services.

Young teen doing schoolwork at home after UK schools close due to the Coronavirus.