Reasons to attend the 2021 Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton, NY

July 12, 2021

After they canceled last year's event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hampton Classic will return this August. Running from August 29 through September 5, the show will go on as planned in Bridgehampton, NY. At Doha Inc., we’re happy to participate in and support this great event. If you haven’t attended the Hampton Classic before, we have five reasons why you should this year.

One of the largest horse shows in the US

The Hampton Classic holds more than 200 competitions and hosts approximately 1,500 horses. Amateurs and professional riders will compete to amass a grand total of $800,000 in prize money with the most coveted being a $300,000 price for the Grand Prix Ring. You can watch some of the finest in the world in addition to new up-and-comers ride side by side in one of the largest equestrian events in the country.

Enjoy the history of the event

The Hampton Classic has 75 years of rich history that involves some of the finest equestrian showgrounds in the nation. Originally called the Southampton Horse Show, the Hampton Classic was initially started in the early 1900s. It ran until its founder and club president passed away around the same time World War II had its hold on the globe. However, it was brought back in 1952 but was once again put on hold just seven years later.

The show was brought back in 1971, then in 1976 was changed from a one-day event to cover an entire week. This is the current inception of the event as patrons are invited to participate each day and raise money for local non-profit organizations.

Support the ASPCA

Each year, the Hampton Classic hosts a day with the ASPCA, or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, where you can adopt a dog, cat, or horse. You can play your part in preventing animal cruelty while bringing home a new furry member of your family. Not only does your adaption support a current animal in need, but it also helps the ASPCA continue its work rescuing animals that might be at risk. This will mark the 11th year that the event is holding an adoption day to rescue at-risk animals.


While you can bring your own food to enjoy at the grounds, there will be a wide variety of vendors available that offer a diverse selection of food. Additionally, you can enjoy some of the fine wines, beer, and spirits of the area. Additionally, you can enjoy concessions that sell some of your favorite foods from spectator events.

The horses

If you love animals, especially horses, then you’re going to love the overall experience of the Hampton Classic. Horses abound as you get a chance to see champion horses during jumper and hunter competitions, Olympic medalists, as well as leadline shows and competitions.

Come see us in Bridgehampton, NY

Why do we care so much about the Hampton Classic? We’re going to be there! Come by and see us as one of the sponsors of the event. We’re proud to support this special event and be an active part of the community. If you’d like more information about Doha Inc.’s role in this event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by calling 888-DOHAINC. We look forward to seeing you there.

Reasons to attend the 2021 Hampton Classic in Bridgehampton, NY