Meet the World Where Wearable Technology Meets Fashion

March 8, 2023

Fashion and wearable technology have a long history of working together, dating all the way back to the invention of the first eyeglasses. However, in recent years, the advances in both these industries have led to ground-breaking crossovers that wouldn’t have been imaginable just a few years ago.

Since the advent of technology like the Apple Smartwatch, fashion experts and technology leaders have found new and innovative ways to blend these two worlds into one seamless experience. Today, that trend shows no signs of slowing down with these fascinating combinations of fashion and wearable technology coming your way.

The latest in wearable technology fashion.

Increased collaborations.

Traditionally, wearable tech companies like Apple have handled every aspect of their products, from the technology itself to the design and aesthetic choices that come along with it. These days, however, fashion icons are partnering with the tech industry to elevate the style of their wearable devices. An increasing number of high-end designers now offer add-on accessories to the technology to elevate the look and feel of your accessories. So now, not only is that accent piece highly functional, but it’ll stun with its elegant beauty at the same time.

Haptic feedback integration.

Fashion integrated with haptic feedback technology offers numerous advantages in various fields. Some companies have already implemented this technology, which stimulates a part of your body based on a particular set of parameters, into entertainment, such as live sporting events. People can sport jerseys equipped with haptic technology to feel what their favorite player feels on the court. It’s also been used in the medical field. Surgeons can wear a haptic shirt that provides feedback and alerts them to their close proximity to critical structures during surgery.

Elevated accessories.

The most widespread combination of fashion and wearable technology has lied mainly in the watch field. Many companies have smartwatches on the market, but now, more fashion experts are branching out to a more extensive set of accessories. These days, you can find smart technology combined with bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and much more. Not only do they look fashionable, but they give you the power to sync with other smart devices and control them with simple touches and gestures.

Close up while the smart watch is charging

Color-changing technology.

Many people like to choose their clothing based on how they feel that day, but what happens when your mood changes later in the afternoon? With some new wearable technology, that problem will no longer plague you. Some designers have introduced clothing with LED lights built in, so you can change the color of your clothing throughout the day to match how you feel at the time. Other companies have introduced fabric that can change color with the simple use of an app on your smartphone.

Say goodbye to dead batteries.

One of the biggest limitations of our technology today is the battery life of our devices. Unless you leave the house with a full charge, chances are good you’ll have to find an outlet at some point during the day, but some wearable technology companies want to fix that problem. They’ve incorporated flexible solar panels into their fashion that allow you to charge devices using only the power generated by your clothing.

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