Latest Wearable Technology Trends in 2023

March 7, 2023

As technology continues to advance, it becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives. You can easily see this with the latest wearable technology trends coming through this year. The line between us and our technology continues to blur, and by and large, that benefits all of us.

From improved connectivity to breakthrough wearable technology, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight when it comes to connecting our everyday lives with technology. That’s why we recommend staying on the lookout for these big innovations coming your way.

What’s new in wearable technology trends?

Technology for mental health.

For far too long, mental health issues held a stigma in our society, and that made it difficult for many people to get the treatments they needed. Now, we have a better understanding of the problems many of us face, and technology manufacturers want to address them with technology. Wearable technology, like watches and even your smartphone, can now help monitor activities, physical symptoms, and social interactions to spot early signs of mental health problems. Using everything from GPS tracking to analyzing voice data, our wearables can now predict when someone struggles with mental health and help find a solution.

Protection from the environment.

Another wearable technology trend coming this year can actually protect you from environmental dangers. Gadgets like the Dyson Zone wearable come equipped with a two-stage purification system that filters out harmful contaminants and pollutants in the air, a trend that likely stems from the health scares that came with the COVID-19 pandemic. Other wearable devices can even monitor your UV sunlight exposure in real-time and offer insights when you have been in the elements for too long. That can help protect your skin from numerous problems like skin cancer.

Increased interconnectivity.

As the internet of things (IoT) becomes more prevalent, many tech companies have started incorporating it into their wearable products. Instead of relying on one piece of technology to serve as your informational hub, now your devices can share data with each other. That means your smart watch can track your vitals, share them with your phone, and give you easy access to pertinent information via an app. Or you could control your wireless earbuds with your smartwatch for seamless interconnectivity among your devices.

Top view office desktop with modern laptop and accessories.

Smart glasses 2.0.

Years ago, Google tried to launch its smart glasses product, but it never really took off the way some people hoped. Now, a 2023 wearable technology trend sees the return of this idea, although with slight alterations. Many companies have leaned into virtual reality (VR) technology with wearable technology designed to immerse you in digital spaces. While widely used for recreation, a recent push could see this tech used in business interactions moving forward.

Improved battery life.

One of the more significant drawbacks of previous versions of wearable technology has been the shortened lifespan of their batteries. If you want to wear something out all day, you need to know it’ll be working well into the night. As battery technology continues to improve, that has become a problem of the past. Moving forward into 2023, we expect to see longer-lasting wearables with the latest battery technology.

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