Laptop Boot-up Times Compared

April 23, 2020

When you turn on your laptop to get started with work, or even for leisure, slow boot-up times are incredibly frustrating. You might be wondering whether it’s normal for it to take this long, or if there is something wrong with your device. Here, we tell you how long your laptop should take to load, compare laptop boot-up times and give you some tips for speeding up the time it takes to go from turning on to getting started.

Which Laptops Boot Up the Fastest?

Boot-up times for laptops have decreased significantly over the years. In 1997, you might have expected to wait about 51 seconds, but more than 20 years later, you won’t anticipate waiting for any more than around 20 seconds or less.

There have even been reports of laptops taking just five seconds to boot up. However, to get a boot-up time that fast, you would need to be an expert on hardware, motherboards, SSDs, RAM and graphics cards.

Which has found that Chromebooks are the fastest laptops to load, taking just six seconds or less. Other laptops with fast boot-up times are Lenovo ThinkPads, and Apple MacBook Pros. Other examples include the Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX502 and the Acer Predator Helios 700, according to PC News. With these devices, you can expect boot-up times of around 10 seconds or less.

What to Do If Your Laptop Is Too Slow

There can be many reasons that your laptop is taking too long to load. Here are just a few of the things you can try yourself to solve the problem:

  • Check Task Manager to see if an application is using up too much of your CPU. The CPU is the Central Processing Unit, or the brains of your laptop, and it plays a major role in running your device. If you spot something that you don’t recognize, investigate it online, and then you can decide whether to uninstall or reinstall it.
  • Consider running a full malware scan to check your system for threats or infections.
  • Reduce the number of programs that load when you start your laptop and load Windows. You can do this via the Task Manager’s Startup tab. You can help your laptop to boot up faster if you disable the programs you don’t need or are useless or unnecessary.
  • Download free software to free up disk space on Windows 10/8/7 and clean up junk files.

You could also reinstall Windows from scratch, but you will need to back up all your files elsewhere first and this might be best left to the experts.

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