How To Use IoT in Business On a Budget

July 20, 2022

IoT or, “Internet of Things” is a broad term that describes the interconnected nature of objects and devices that exchange information in real time via communications networks. The capabilities of IoT for businesses are vast, enabling organizations to transfer crucial data picked up automatically by sensors, GPS technology, softwares, chips, and more. From enhanced security measures to weather monitoring, the Internet of Things has the potential to transform business practices across a variety of diverse industries.

Many business owners choose not to explore IoT solutions due to budget constraints. However, the right IoT implementation could be seen as an investment in the success of your organization. Furthermore, there are a variety of useful IoT systems that can easily be worked into a modest budget.

Our team at Doha Inc. is passionate about delivering industry-leading technology to your business by offering a top-rated device rental service. Below we have broken down everything you need to know about how to use IoT in business on a budget.

Location tracking

If you own a business in which products are delivered to customers by mail, an accurate tracking system could go a long way. By incorporating IoT technology in the form of geolocation tracking, you will be able to provide customers with up-to-date information on their expected shipping time and give them the ability to take action if an item is lost. This information can be shared instantaneously between manufacturers, distributors, and customers, empowering the entire supply chain. IoT devices powered by GPS technology can be purchased for as little as $15, and may drastically improve the shopping experience for your customers, encouraging them to make future purchases.

Data sharing

Many businesses rely on ongoing collaboration between employees to achieve optimal results. When workers are required to contribute to large-scale projects in a joint effort with several other team members, it is essential to have IoT technology in place to facilitate the seamless transfer of data. This can be done using cloud-based applications that enable workers to view the work of their colleagues in real time. Cloud-based IoT systems cost next to nothing and make it possible for employees to combine forces, save time, and stay up to date on the most recent edits and additions to ongoing projects.

Go wireless with bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the most basic, low-cost examples of IoT for businesses. However, it continues to be one of the most widely used IoT solutions in the world with an ever-expanding list of capabilities. Bluetooth technology can be used in an office setting with devices such as wireless headsets and printers for the convenience of your employees. Bluetooth mesh IoT networking can also be incorporated into smart devices that regulate systems within your commercial or industrial building. The opportunities for automation are practically endless with this technology, which translates to more efficient business practices.

Security sensors

Another type of IoT device that is frequently used in business revolves around security. Sensors can be used to detect and transfer information regarding movement, temperature changes, and other potential security threats. This is an excellent way to secure your facility whether you operate a retail store, corporate office space, or manufacturing warehouse. IoT security systems of this kind can be installed for just a few hundred dollars. Taking advantage of such innovations in security is one of the best ways to safeguard your business in the long term.

No budget is too small to benefit from IoT technology. For more tips on how to use IoT in business or to learn about our industry-leading technology, don’t forget to sign up for the latest updates from Doha Inc.

Communications tower representing how to use IoT in business