How subscription services help IoT device lifecycle management

May 11, 2022

IoT devices require care and attention to maximize their efficiency. However, understanding how to conduct IoT device lifecycle management is difficult without technical expertise. Fortunately, subscription services simplify that. At Doha, we provide a range of state-of-the-art devices to individuals and businesses on a subscription model. We tailor services to accommodate each subscriber’s end-to-end needs, and our customer service is unrivaled.

Here’s how subscription services optimize IoT device lifecycles:

Updating software and firmware

A critical component of effective IoT device lifecycle management is regular updates. Like all devices, IoT devices require updates.

Updates cover the gamut of functionality, from firmware updates to security patches. These ensure your devices run efficiently. With subscription services, you can conduct updates remotely and automatically, which manages and elongates the lifecycle.

Still, there is always the risk of update failures. As a recourse, error recovery is crucial. However, even with error recovery, the damage of failing security features can be irreparable, and for businesses, a short window of inefficiency is costly.

Subscription services provide new devices regularly with the latest software and app suites to guarantee optimum performance. Plus, toward the end of a lifecycle when updates are unavailable, you can receive state-of-the-art replacement devices on subscription models.

To receive IoT devices you can manage remotely and that always have the latest updates, Doha's subscription services ensure your devices always operate at peak performance.

Monitoring devices

Monitoring your devices is critical to IoT device lifecycle management. IoT device subscriptions enable users to monitor and manage devices remotely to ensure peak efficiency.

Inspecting your device remotely and regularly is essential and enables you to evaluate properties and performance metrics like static information of your device. More importantly, always be vigilant for anomalous behavior and technical issues.

Metrics enable you to stay ahead of issues by establishing a baseline of optimum performance metrics. Continuous monitoring guarantees your devices run efficiently, elongates their lifecycle, and helps make crucial determinations about your next steps.

Conducting diagnostics checks helps monitor changes, how changes impact performance, what phase of the lifecycle your device is in, how you can optimize performance and elongate their lifecycle, and whether it’s time for a new device.

Typically, this requires deploying IT professionals, which requires resources and time. Fortunately, with IoT subscription services, you can monitor devices remotely and eliminate the need for IT personnel.

Plus, with Doha, when you detect you have reached the end of a device’s lifecycle, you can receive a new, cutting-edge device through our unequaled subscription services.

Servicing and configuration

Regular servicing and configuration are essential aspects of IoT device lifecycle management. Moreover, diagnostic tools are indispensable to optimizing a lifecycle.

These tools provide essential data to know if you need to examine your device more extensively. Subscription IoT device services enable you to access them remotely to troubleshoot issues and address them, and you can send files remotely to resolve them.

This capability streamlines the process by removing the need for IT services to check your device. Plus, when servicing is required, depending on the severity, you can receive devices with current specification configurations through subscription services, so your devices always run smoothly.

Configuration entails fine-tuning devices to maximize efficiency. It can include adjusting the frequency readings to add to a larger data set or even elongating battery life.

This configuration ensures your devices operate with necessary specifications, and subscription services guarantee your devices are always sufficiently configured.

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