How wearable technology in healthcare can help you

September 13, 2021

With help from wearable technology, it’s never been easier to monitor your health. At Doha, we’re fully on board with the movement for wearable technology in healthcare to promote healthier living in our community. In fact, we have a few areas that wearable tech can help you improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Monitor blood pressure

Your blood pressure is often used as a key indicator of your overall health. For instance, someone who is at a healthy weight could still have high blood pressure but have no idea. This can lead to compounded health issues that go undetected if you have no way of monitoring your blood pressure. With help from wearable technology, you can be aware of your blood pressure and make sure that you’re not overexerting yourself.

Record of blood glucose

It doesn’t matter if an individual is Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, monitoring blood glucose is an essential part of staying healthy and regulating body function. With help from additional accessories, wearers can keep track of their blood glucose levels without ever having to worry about a finger prick. This will update with real-time information so the individual can be aware of their status at all times. This has been a major development for wearable technology in healthcare as it makes it easier for diabetic patients to keep their blood sugars in a healthy range more often.

Enhance exercise

Anyone who’s done a significant amount of exercising knows that there is such a thing as going too hard and too fast. While it’s great to be able to push yourself and get better results, it’s not good to push yourself beyond your capabilities. Your wearable tech can help you monitor how your body is handling the workload your body is handling during an exercise and let you know if you’ve reached a point where you need to slow down. This makes it so you can get the maximum benefits from your workouts without feeling like you’re overworking yourself.

Improve sleep

There are a variety of apps that you can download on your wearable that tracks your activity while sleeping. You can get more information about your sleep habits to help find out when to go to sleep at night so you wake up more rested every morning. You’ll find out what time of night you’re most restless and how often you wake up without knowing. With the help of wearable tech, you’ll have more energy throughout the day and enjoy the health benefits of better sleep.

Track calories

Watching what you eat is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. One of the most common methods to limiting your intake and helping you lose weight is by keeping a food diary. You can easily track the calories that you consume with wearable technology as it provides you with a food diary on your wrist.

Not only do you have the capability of tracking what you eat, but you can also easily see what you’ve burned throughout the day. By using certain apps on your smartwatch, you can easily see how many calories you’ve burned in your workout, which makes it much easier to regulate your diet and meet your daily food goals.

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How wearable technology in healthcare can help you