How Small Businesses Can Increase Convenience and Reduce IT Costs, From Doha Inc, Proud Supporters of the Hampton Classic (Schedule of Show Available On Request)

January 24, 2020

Running a small to medium-sized business is complex. Regulations, personnel issues, and continually advancing technology create challenges that can be overwhelming. 

Unfortunately, administration issues often distract key personnel from core functions. To enhance efficiency, companies often concentrate on what they do best and farm out services to contractors.

We work with a wide range of clients to provide reliable computer equipment to support their hard work and boost productivity.

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Problems with the Traditional Way to Obtain Needed Technology

Traditionally, companies purchased and owned their own computer equipment. They assumed all responsibilities of ownership. Companies owned the equipment, but also “owned” the technical problems, “owned” the need to update outdated devices, and all of the other inconveniences.

Ownership includes the necessity of assigning personnel to handle issues related to technology. You will either have to hire dedicated IT staff or remove employees from other duties to handle computer-related tasks. Either way, you will lose out through direct or opportunity costs.

The Doha Solution

In keeping with the 21st-century trends toward saving time and money through outsourcing to specialists, Doha Inc. offers a solution.

At Doha Inc., we have pioneered a different type of technology service. We strive with this approach to provide the best possible service to clients while also saving them time, money, and effort.

The concept is simple. We design and manufacture lightning-fast and reliable laptops, mobile phones, wearables, tablets, and more. Our clients pay a monthly subscription to obtain and use our products. 

Outside of the ease of having a single monthly payment to receive the subscription, we also save in another important way. All too often, other companies’ computers take several minutes to boot up and get to their proper speed of function. Over time, this results in substantial amounts of lost productivity. 

Doha computers boot up in 30 seconds, guaranteed. This serves as yet another example of Doha’s dedication to your productivity.

Why It Works for Our Clients

Many of our clients operate small businesses or other organizations with limited resources. Initially, many think they save by owning their own equipment. Our staff can demonstrate how, whether through convenience, reduced cost, or both, subscriptions work better to fit their needs.

Our clients also appreciate that Doha handles all end-to-end technology needs, eliminating the need to hire IT staff or consultants to keep equipment in proper order.

We not only manufacture the best computer and mobile devices on the market, but Doha Inc. also covers repairs and other services for one reasonable monthly rate. 

Reach Out Today

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Let Doha be your one-stop hub for all of your business equipment.