Highlights from the 2019 Hampton Classic

June 22, 2020

For more than four decades, the Hampton Classic has been one of the United States’ largest outdoor horse shows, and a much-anticipated and beloved event for horse people and attendees. The event draws leading equestrians from across the globe to compete against one another in various categories for more than $800,000 in winnings. With more than 200 competitions, around 1,500 horses have entered annually, including Olympic medalists, national champion hunter competitors, adult and child amateurs alike.

Last year’s Hampton Classic, taking place between August 26 and September 1 in Bridgehampton, saw some of the event’s most spectacular competition and events. This includes Canada’s Mario Deslauriers’ win at the DOHA.Inc Grand Prix. While the 2020 Classic has been rescheduled for August 25 through September 5, 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s revisit some of 2019’s highlights and look forward to next year’s event.

Top Happenings at the 2019 Hampton Classic

2019’s competition featured a dizzying display of equestrian mastery and dozens of events. Kicking off the event has traditionally been Local Day, which features horses that have been stabled in Suffolk or Nassau County for 75 days or more since January of the event’s year. But the first event was the Leadline competition in the recently renovated Grand Prix Ring. The event attracted almost 100 competitors as young as two years old.

But the day’s biggest prize was the $30,000 Land Rover Jumper Challenge from Jaguar. Adrienne Sternlict and Fantast won the event, while Molly Ashe-Cawley and Berdien finished second, narrowingly outpacing Geoffrey Hesslink and HH Casey Jones.

Day two featured the ninth annual adoption day for dogs, cats, and horses, sponsored by the Animal Welfare with a number of animal shelters and rescues providing animals in need of loving homes. Yet the day’s main event was the Long Island Horse Show Series for Riders with Disabilities Championship FInals, featuring 19 riders within three divisions. Isaiah Forte and My Fairy Tale Hero eclipsed all other riders to become Grand Champions, while Reserve Champions Julia Glenz and 5th Avenue placed just behind.

As the week drove on, we saw impressive performances and nail-biting competition. But the week’s final event, the DOHA.Inc Grand Prix, was arguably the highlight. With some of the finest riding on full display, the event was one of the most-watched competitions of the week. But it was Two-time Candian Olympian, Mario Deslauriers and his mount, Bardolina, who outperformed other riders, taking home the $300,000 prize. Lucy Delsauriers and Hester placed second, while Devin Ryan and Eddie Blue finished third.

Join Us for Next Year’s Hampton Classic

2019 offered some of the event’s finest riding in the competition’s history. While riders and attendees must wait until 2021 for the next event, we can reflect on the impressive displays of equestrian mastery, revisiting the highlights from 2019’s event only excites us.

DOHA.Inc is proud to be a part of the event and, as a leader in computer and connected devices services in the Sagaponack area, we’re looking forward to seeing our neighbors and new attendees at the 2020 Hampton Classic. In the meantime, come see us in Sagaponack or reach out to us to find out how our device subscription model changed the way business and individuals interact with their devices.

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