Give the Gift of an Affordable Subscription Based Laptop

November 24, 2020

When it comes to gift-giving, the common saying is “it’s the thought that counts.” While there is certainly truth to that, it’s undeniable that some gifts are more useful than others. If you’re looking for an innovative idea this holiday season to convey how much you care about your friends and family, then you should consider a subscription based laptop from the experts at Doha Inc.

Rather than investing in buying a laptop outright, our company keeps clients stocked with the latest technology with a subscription-based model. This unique approach changes how people buy their technology, and when used as a gift, it provides numerous benefits over more traditional forms of laptop ownership.

Why Doha Inc. Subscription Based Laptops are Fantastic Gifts

1. 30-Second Boot-Up Promise

When a person wants to use their laptop, they don’t want to wait for minutes while it boots up. Instead, they want to access it quickly to maximize their productivity. Our team stands by our promise that your Doha laptop will reduce wait times by booting up in 30 seconds. That’s because they come equipped with impressive RAM, high-capacity hard drives, and lightning-fast processors. Plus, since our service is offered on a monthly subscription, you won’t have to worry about it slowing down as it ages and different components start malfunctioning.

2. Always Have Access to New Programs

New software is always being created, and they’re typically designed for the latest operating systems. Plus, many programs require repeated updates to keep them secure and running efficiently. This is problematic for many older computers because these new programs often aren’t capable of running on the older platforms. That prevents people from accomplishing necessary tasks far too often. With a subscription based laptop, your loved one will always have an up-to-date model that’s compatible with new software. They’ll even upload many popular programs before shipping the laptop for added convenience.

3. Customizable for Different Needs

A business person has much different technological needs from a student or an artist. That’s why we offer various subscription based laptop solutions, so you can find the ideal option for your loved one. Whether it’s choosing different sizes and weights, how much storage it has, or the types of programs and software that are installed, we offer a multitude of laptop solutions tailored to each clients’ unique needs and budgets.

4. More Than Just a Laptop

Giving someone a subscription with us isn’t just about ensuring they always have the latest hardware for their professional and personal needs. It also provides them with the IT support they need to keep their equipment operating as efficiently as possible and maximizing its capabilities. We’re always dedicated to providing an ideal customer experience, so you won’t have to deal with the time-consuming phone calls or long wait times if there's an issue. Instead, our dedicated team will address your concerns quickly and at no extra cost.

Impress those on your holiday shopping list with a subscription based laptop.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for anyone left on your holiday shopping list, then Doha Inc can help. We offer various technology subscriptions, and we can help match you with the ideal one for your friends and family. We make the entire process as stress-free as possible, so you can spend more time focusing on enjoying the holiday season with those closest to you. Get started today by visiting us online.

Subscription based laptops make for fantastic holiday gift ideas.