Give Big Gifts on a Budget with Subscription Based Devices

May 5, 2021

If you’re not naturally talented in gift-giving, holidays and birthdays can be stressful. Like it or not, the people we care about most will still judge us by the gifts we give. Of course, it’s the thought that counts. For those who aren’t adept at remembering someone’s size, favorite color, or favorite band, it’s hard to come up with a meaningful gift on a budget.

No matter the individual, giving the newest devices – from laptops to wearables – is always a fantastic gift. They’re appropriate for almost everyone, from college students to grandparents who want to connect with their families. Subscriptions-based devices let you give the most contemporary technology without breaking the bank.

Give the newest technology without emptying your savings.

You can sign up your loved ones for a subscription-based device. It’s an affordable way to give the people you care about outstanding gifts that won’t drain your bank accounts. Instead, it’s a low monthly payment––choose to give six months, a year, or longer. Then, let them take over the subscription and keep receiving upgraded tech for as long as they need it.

Gift fast, reliable laptops that will never get run down.

Manufactured by Doha, our laptops come with a 30-Second Boot Up Promise. No matter what, they start and are ready to go in less than 30 seconds. Instead of watching your friends struggle with old and outdated technology, give them a laptop that will never age and never needs repairs. As soon as it stops performing as expected, the Doha subscriber just sends it in for an upgrade.

Unlocked mobile phones with seamless integration

Doha-made mobile phones offer all the benefits of a smartphone without the locked-in contract and never-ending payment plan. Every year, the cost of traditional smartphones goes up, meaning that your monthly bill goes up, even when you trade in your old phone. Instead, give a smartphone that you can use with any carrier, no contract, and no expensive upgrades every year.

Tablets for on-the-go multitasking

Tablets are the most versatile new technology of the last decade, engaging everyone from kids, to artists, to on-the-go business professionals. Now we can do more on the road without hauling a bulky laptop everywhere. A Doha tablet is perfect for the go-getter in your life who always has a side hustle. They work with the Doha laptop and phones, perfect for creating a mobile office suite of fast, powerful devices.

Affordable wearable tech for your loved ones

Wearable tech has changed the way we think about our health. However, many wearable devices are prohibitively expensive and become outdated within a year or less. Finding an affordable wearable for the wellness guru in your life is challenging––even more tricky is finding a reasonably-priced model that also performs well. Instead of spending hours searching through an online retailer, a simple subscription-based device is your answer.

The recipient will always have access to the latest upgrade, ensuring your gift won’t end up at the bottom of a drawer in a few years.

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Doha subscription-based devices are an affordable way to provide your loved ones with the latest in technology. We offer laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and wearables so you can give thoughtful, high-quality gifts to all the important people in your life. Plus, when the device stops performing the way it’s supposed to, they can send it in for an immediate upgrade.

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Subscription-based devices are the affordable way to give great presents.