Doha, Proud Sponsor of the Hampton Classic Horse Show 2019, Weighs in on Industry Trends

November 18, 2019

The world runs on computers. No matter where you travel in the world, some aspects of your life will likely be touched by computers and digital technology.

In the digital age, we have seen that the market has opened up almost limitless opportunities for individuals and businesses to find business opportunities, entertain themselves, receive an education, or learn valuable skills.

Over the next five years our team at Doha, proud sponsor of the Hampton Classic Horse Show 2019, expects to see these trends continue.

Traditional Home Computer Sales Dropping, But Not Dying

Major computer companies continue to see consistent year to year declines in the sales of home computers through stores.

Overall, personal computer sales dip five percent per year with Apple also seeing declines of around 2.5 percent. Asus, Acer, and Apple have all seen significant bytes taken out of their sales and revenues. Lenovo (formerly with IBM) and Hewlett Packard, however, continue to see strong sales of their products.

While older customers from the Baby Boomer and Generation X eras feel greater comfort in using a desktop or laptop computer, younger consumers increasingly opt for tablets or rely solely on mobile phones. This excludes the gaming community that has specific computer needs.

Gaming and business needs will keep desktop and laptop computers in a viable market, but one that is unlikely to see growth.

E-commerce, however, has helped to pick up the slack.

Investment in Computers and Other Digital Devices Continues to Rise

Brick and mortar computer stores’ losses have been e commerce’s gain. Increasing numbers of computer customers search and purchase their computers and accessories online.

Sales of digital devices, however, have surged. They now dominate the market for digital technology. For the first time this summer, back to school technology purchases focused more on wearable and portable devices rather than desktop and laptop computers.

Older children and younger adults more often use software and applications better suited for mobile devices. Older adults, conversely, spend more time on such tasks as work and personal finance software that is easier to use on a traditional computer.

Faster Boot Times Now Available, Increasing Productivity

One of the more frustrating issues in the desktop and laptop industry lies in slow boot-up times. In many cases, the system takes minutes to fully turn on. After that, it often takes several more minutes for the computer to achieve optimal speed.

In cold environments, the challenge is worse.

Slow computer booting results in hours of lost productivity every week, which costs organizations money. Doha, however, has invested in research and development to reduce boot times.

Doha now promises an industry-leading thirty-second boot time on a conventional desktop or laptop computer. This will enhance both performance and productivity.

The Immediate Future Is Uncertain, But Exciting

Much of the industrialized world will soon see access to 5G technology. This represents a bigger leap than when we went from 3G to 4G. That jump produced much faster speeds.

The 5G system will enhance capabilities more than speeds. Devices on 5G will have better capacity to run more complicated programming.

We still do not know what kinds of developments and improvements will come from 5G. One thing we remain sure of, however, is that you should expect not only the unexpected, but also the currently unimaginable.

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