Does Wearable Technology Improve Health?

May 10, 2023

Wearable technology, once just a farfetched concept dreamt up by science fiction writers, has trended more mainstream over recent years. These wearable pieces of technology interact with other pieces of tech you own to create a more unified user experience, but one common question we hear is, “Does wearable technology improve health?”

The short answer to that is it absolutely can be used to improve your overall health. Although, how exactly it does that can vary by the device itself. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide that outlines some ways that wearable technology does improve health.

Different ways wearable technology does improve health.

Monitor your level of activity.

Many different types of wearable technology actively monitor your vitals in real-time. They can track essential data points like your heart rate, blood pressure, and the number of steps you’ve taken in a day to give you analytics into your level of activity. Some will send you a gentle reminder if you’ve been stationary for too long, helping you to remember to get up and move around each hour. Conversely, some tech can inform you if you’re levels are too high and you’d benefit from resting for a while.

Track your sleep.

Quality sleep is essential to your overall well-being. It helps boost your energy levels, sharpen your mental clarity, and bolster your immune system. That’s why it’s so helpful that wearable technology can track your sleep each night and provide helpful insights. People can use their wearable technology to discover when they are at their deepest level of sleep and adjust their sleep habits accordingly. You could also discover some sleep disorders, such as a breathing disorder or circadian rhythm disorder, through the use of this type of technology.

Improve your overall nutrition.

Helping you to eat a healthier, more balanced diet is another way that wearable technology does improve health. Devices such as Fitbit allow users to log meals, snacks, and water throughout the day. It then takes that input and gives you analytical data on your hydration, daily calories, and macronutrients. Users can then use that information to adjust their habits and enjoy a more balanced approach to food that improves their health.

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Discover mental health problems.

As the stigma of mental health has started to lift, more people are taking theirs seriously and searching for ways to improve it. Wearable technology is a helpful tool in that journey. The devices can be used to track stress levels, symptoms of depression, and even PTSD. When it detects signs of these issues, it can send you an alert to make you aware that your mental health is struggling so you can find a reprieve and get back into a good headspace.

Take care of loved ones.

It’s not just your own health that can benefit from wearable technology. You can also use it to monitor the health and safety of loved ones. If you have someone in your life who uses wearable technology, they can agree to allow you to see their biometrics. This is helpful in situations such as an adult child who worries about the health of an aging loved one. With this type of tech, you can be alerted if their vitals fall out of healthy ranges or if they suffer a fall, giving you a chance to help them immediately.

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