Developments in safety jewelry as wearable technology

September 13, 2021

The world feels like it’s a much more dangerous place now than it has been in a while. Women might be less comfortable jogging by themselves in certain areas near where they live and we’re all keeping track of our vitals as we go about our day to either make sure we’re healthy or reaching our fitness goals. With help from wearable technology, we can not only make sure we’re hitting marks for fitness but let others know we’re safe. At Doha, we make it a point to keep track of the wearable technology industry and stay up to date on new products that are going to hit the market soon. If you’re curious about some of the new items that have come out as well as some that will be soon, read our guide below.


We’ve seen technology hit the market in the last decade that simply didn’t work out. Google Glass was a flash in the pan that was a great idea but didn’t seem to really solve a problem for the everyday user. Since then, technology with glasses has shifted to be much simpler and more practical.

Those in the sunglasses industry understand that there’s something about a nice pair of sunglasses that means you’re probably going to lose them. In fact, most people lose a pair of sunglasses within a year of buying them. Rather than operating a heads-up display on the lens, smart sunglasses have a chip in them that makes it easier for you to find them should you misplace them.


Rings are among the least invasive pieces of jewelry that most people wear. They’re often small enough that they won’t be cumbersome while going about your day and don’t bounce around or slide like a necklace or bracelet might. Wearable technology has gotten to be small enough that sensors can be placed on the inside part of the ring to make minimal contact points that can provide feedback regarding your body’s current state. This can effectively help to notify you or a loved one if your heart rate spikes, a drop in blood pressure, and even monitor blood glucose levels. This is a simple way to keep yourself safe if you have a medical condition that needs regular monitoring.


Fitbits and other smartwatches have been all the craze lately in the fitness world. The ability to track everything from the intensity of your workout to the number of steps you’ve taken each day has provided many with the motivation they’re looking for to get and stay healthy. However, there are legitimate concerns regarding the durability of a screen and the appearance of the technology itself.

This is where smart bracelets come into play. Many smart bracelets look like a collection of bands that have been put together or even a cuff. These items use a minimalistic look to provide a natural-looking piece of jewelry but come with an important safety feature. The wearer is easily able to discreetly notify friends or family of their location should they feel that they’re in danger. The benefit of the nondescript appearance is that a predator might not think to remove such a device as part of an attack as they may with a Fitbit or other traditional wearable.

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Developments in safety jewelry as wearable technology