Comparing a tablet subscription vs. buying a tablet

August 14, 2022

Buying tech is often a major investment. You’ll get what you pay for, so it’s important you’re buying a product that not only has the operating capacity you need for your business but also needs to last. Finding a tablet that meets the balance between quality and affordability can be a major challenge, which is where a tablet subscription comes in handy. With Doha Inc., you get the benefit of an affordable tablet by paying for a small monthly subscription while maintaining the trust of quality tech and support. If you’re weighing the options between a tablet subscription and buying a tablet, read our guide below to help.

Tablet subscription pros

Tech support is built into the cost.

Businesses that use tablets and computers understand the costs that come with having either an internal or external tech support team. Your tablet subscription comes with tech support built into the cost of your payment. Not only does this ensure the device is working in peak condition, but it also ensures you’re not having issues throughout your subscription contract.

Get the latest updates without paying more.

One thing you want to remember when paying for a tablet subscription service is that the company will want the device back in the best condition possible. You benefit from this by getting updates and upgrades done to your device as soon as they’re available. Your tablet service will ensure you’re running the newest software and the hardware isn’t worn down. All of this is included in your monthly subscription.

Tablet subscription cons

It’s not yours.

It’s nice to have your own equipment. You can use it how you please without worrying about breaking it or ensuing costly repairs. Unfortunately, a subscription device is not yours to do as you please. You’re charged with taking care of it as if it were your own, while it remains the property of the company providing it.

Buying a tablet pros

It’s yours.

It’s nice to have something of your own sometimes. You can use it for what you want and treat it how you please. Buying a tablet is appealing to many people for this reason. They’d rather have something of their own rather than rent it.

One-time cost.

A subscription-based tablet service is a great option for many people who want or need the device but can’t afford to pay for it in one lump sum. Those who can are able to enjoy a single payment without having to worry about the upcoming payment each month.

Buying a tablet cons

Upgrading is expensive.

Once you buy a tablet, it’s yours until it dies or you replace it. Fortunately, many tablets nowadays will last for several years before they start to have problems. Although, one issue a user might have with this is that they don’t have a reason to upgrade their device. After a few years of having the device, it’s gotten to be outdated and doesn’t have many of the features they want. A subscription makes it easy to upgrade when a new model comes available.

If it breaks, it’s broken.

Accidents are going to happen with high-tech devices. Whether you drop it in the kitchen or it falls off the tablet, there’s a good chance it’s going to hit the ground at some point. If you own the tablet and it breaks, you’re going to have to pay full price for a new one. A tablet subscription makes it easy to replace your device should it break.

Reach out to get started.

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Comparing a tablet subscription vs. buying a tablet