How to Choose the Right PC as a Service Provider for Your Business

September 30, 2022

Equipping your business with the technology it needs for success can be an endeavor. While PC as a service is a great solution, finding the right provider is important.

Everything to Look for in a PC as a Service Provider

Business partnerships are not to be taken lightly — the wrong provider can leave you with lost revenue and time, and even cause a lot of unnecessary headaches. Your business deserves to partner with a PC as a service provider that actually cares about helping you grow, and reach success. To ensure you have the right provider on your side, look for these traits in a PCaaS vendor.

1. The Devices Offered

While your business may primarily be interested in laptop devices, it’s also a good idea to complement your main devices with other tech. Tablets, smartwatches, and even projectors can all be useful for your team members who work with more than one department of your business, or juggle multiple projects at once.

Not to mention that with so many workers still working remotely, different devices can complement a team member’s remote workflow, and help them be their most productive selves. Regardless of where they’re actually located.

When choosing a PCaaS vendor, consider the range of devices the vendor offers. And consider how easy the process is to add or supplement devices as you need them. PCaaS should be flexible to your business’s needs — not a hassle to navigate or set up.

At Doha Inc., we offer laptops, tablets, smartphones as well as projectors to help your business take on a variety of projects and achieve optimal efficiency. What’s more, each of our devices have optimized performance that guarantees a fast, seamless workflow.

2. What’s the Total Package?

A PCaaS vendor should offer more than just hardware. What’s the full package of the vendor’s offer? Do they manage all of your devices’ lifecycle needs? Can they quickly replace any faulty or slow device? Will they resolve any IT issues you experience?

Your business needs more from a vendor beyond their tech — you need an actual partner who can provide all the services for your tech needs. A PCaaS provider should help you save money and time, not make you outsource more of your tech needs to additional IT or device repair services.

With Doha Inc., you can cut out the costs of an IT department. You can count on us to replace your devices quickly. And you can rest assured that your business is always equipped with reliable devices. More than just a tech provider, at Doha Inc., we commit ourselves to the success of your business by striving to act as the solution to all your PCaaS needs.

3. Flexibility of Subscription Plans

The subscription plan you sign up for should be customized to fit your business’s needs — and budget. If a PCaaS vendor doesn’t customize their offering for your unique situation, this can convey a lack of personalization in their services, and could be an indicator that their services aren’t right for your business. Instead, look to a provider who can help you understand exactly what your business needs, and then creates a plan that matches.

With Doha Inc., we can equip your business with a PCaaS plan that’s suited to your needs and budget, and can be updated as your business grows. Tech should scale with your business, not be the reason it falls behind.

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