What are the Business Benefits of PC As a Service (PCaaS)?

September 30, 2022

Every business needs technology to succeed. But not all technology offers the same level of reliability, or affordability. PC as a service may be the tech solution your business needs.

Understanding PCaaS

PCaaS is a type of payment model where a business pays vendors to manage all the end-to-end points of the hardware a business uses. Specifically, laptops or tablets.

You’ve likely heard of Software as a service, or SaaS before. Many software tools businesses and companies use like Salesforce, Google Workspace, Cisco WebEx, or even Microsoft 365, all fall under the SaaS model.

In short, these are software programs companies pay for on a monthly or annual basis. PCaaS follows the same model, except instead of paying for software, you pay for hardware.

Benefits Your Business Can Expect with PCaaS

You might initially wonder why a business would choose to partner with a PCaaS vendor over buying their own equipment, but there are several invaluable benefits a busines can expect from PCaaS. Most notably, saving time and money.

1. Completely Eliminate IT Needs

With PCaaS, business cut out the need for a dedicated IT department, or from relying on IT service providers. A PCaaS vendor, such as Doha Inc., takes care of all the maintenance and lifecycle needs of every laptop that’s provided.

And, should a computer need replacing completely, Doha Inc. will replace your laptop expeditiously so that your business doesn’t experience any downtime whatsoever. When it comes to hardware, your business needs reliable machines that help you serve your clients or customers. Dealing with complicated, time-draining IT issues can quickly eat into your productivity, and your profits. Not to mention all of the costs that go into IT visits, or replacing faulty equipment.

2. Scale Your Tech As Needed

As your business grows, you’re likely going to need more tools and people to meet new demands. The PCaaS model offers the unique ability of being able to scale with your business as needed. You can quickly expand the number of devices you have as part of your contract without having to worry about extra logistical steps.

It’s this level of flexibility that makes PCaaS so appealing to so many business owners. PCaaS vendors like Doha Inc. can provide your business with whatever tech you need to be at your best through every phase of growth.

3. Consistent Tech Budget

If you’re paying for your own devices, you may have quarters where your tech budget inflates far more than anticipated. Reliable technology can be expensive — that’s no secret. But when you’re striving to plan out each quarter’s budget to stay on a growth track, your tech costs could start to put you in the negative.

PCaaS helps you avoid the risk of stalled growth by keeping your tech budget predictable, consistent, and much lower than if you were buying everything yourself.

4. Seamless Integration

PCaaS provides seamless migration and ease of use for your business. Instead of needing to spend extra time and effort setting up each device individually with the right software, laptops from Doha Inc. come with all the programs you need pre-installed.

You and your team can quickly plug into in-progress projects without missing a beat. When time really is the most valuable resource for your business, a benefit such as this is hard to place a monetary value on.

Doha Inc., Providing Your Business with the Tech It Needs for Success

Doha Inc.’s PCaaS program is built on the 30 Seconds Boot Up Promise. This means that we guarantee that your laptops will start instantaneously and maintain its fast speed, or we’ll send you a replacement.

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