Benefits of Subscription-Based Laptops

May 4, 2021

In our wireless, fast-paced world, laptops are no longer a luxury but a necessity for working, going to school, and staying connected with friends and family. You don’t have to be a digital nomad to need the latest technology for both work and life. But laptops are a considerable expense. Not only that, but they often become out-of-date within a few short years, meaning their value depreciates every month that you use them.

Hold on to a laptop long enough, and your life becomes ongoing calls to the IT department or trips to the Genius Bar on your days off. A subscription-based laptop provides low-cost convenience for people frustrated by their computer’s high expense and poor performance.

Keep reading for the benefits a subscription-based laptop service offers.

30-second boot-up promise

For the first year you owned your current laptop, you probably didn’t notice how long it took to turn on every day. But the longer you own it, and the more outdated the technology becomes, the longer it takes to get your workday started.

The 30-second boot-up promise means your subscription-based laptop will turn on and be ready to go in 30 seconds or fewer. A slow boot-up often indicates an unhealthy computer. Since your computer will always be in top condition, it’ll always boot up fast.

Get the latest tech without the expense

Every year technology advances faster and faster. Look at smartphones from just five years ago and how outdated they are compared to this year’s models. Soon, all laptops will be 5G enabled, already connected to the internet wherever you are––no more searching for Wi-Fi and struggling to connect.

Even if you need the latest technology, you may not have the money for a new laptop as soon as the tech updates. With a subscription-based laptop, you get the latest trends without shelling out for a new computer every year.

Eliminate the need for IT from your life

There’s nothing worse than the back and forth dealing with the IT department or a private computer repair service. You’re not alone if scheduling an appointment at the Genius Bar for a Saturday morning fills you with dread. You can eliminate the need for IT from your life if your laptop is always brand new.

When it stops working, no matter the problem, just return it as part of your monthly subscription fee and get a new laptop in peak performance and ready to go.

Affordable––with fully loaded high performance

Needing high-performance products doesn’t always mean you can afford them. A subscription-based laptop gives you the gear you need without a high price tag, whether you’re editing video on the go, a competitive gamer, or just like powerful, fast technology.

Instead of dropping thousands on a new laptop every few years, you can pay a low monthly subscription. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of knowing you always have the latest tech at your fingertips.

Part of a suite of connected devices for all your tech needs

Our lives are more connected than ever before, and things are just simpler when all your devices can communicate. You have access to a full tech suite with Doha’s connected devices, including tablets, phones, wearables, business devices, and laptops. They all connect and operate seamlessly together for scheduling, data transfer, fitness tracking, and more.

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