Benefits of 5G Enabled Laptops

April 11, 2021

You may have heard the term 5G a lot more lately and with good reason. It’s the latest development in wireless technology and 5G enabled laptops are hitting the market left, right and center. These advancements allow us to enjoy connectivity at unprecedented speeds, further evolving how we interact with all our devices as a whole. But what is 5G and what are the benefits? While cell phones currently dominate the 5G market, laptops and other devices are catching up. If you’re thinking of buying a 5G enabled laptop, read this first!

What is 5G Technology?

The 5 in 5G simply means it is a 5th generation mobile network. With the 1G network first employed in the 1980s until the recent and still widely used 4G network, 5G is the next generation in wireless development. Designed to connect virtually everyone and everything, the 5G network will allow machines and devices to communicate and work together to serve our needs.



Do you find your laptop slows down when you try to see content that requires high bandwidth, for example, 3D interactive videos? You’re not alone. 5G enabled laptops will give users very high downloading speeds which are perfect for new applications, streaming during peak times, and other immersive online experiences. We’ve all been in a situation where our laptops slowed down because we were running multiple applications while streaming music and video calling a friend. 5G laptops will change all that because they will have a more responsive connection to the cloud. This means applications and games streamed online will have the same speeds as if they were running locally on your laptop.


Imagine sitting at home on your laptop but wanting to turn down the temperature in your second home. With 5G, this will be possible! More and more objects are being connected to the internet and smart homes have been around for a few years. However, they are managed on-location and not across far distances. Today our devices are mainly used by people to communicate with other people, but eventually, devices will communicate with other devices. Imagine your smart-fridge notices you are running low on yogurt. It automatically adds yogurt to your phone’s shopping list. When you enter the grocery store of the future, your phone will prompt you to buy yogurt, or better still, your phone will send your shopping list to a drone who will then deliver it to your home. We are not quite there yet, technologically, but it doesn’t seem as far-fetched now that 5G network connectivity is gaining traction.

Doha Inc’s Laptops

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This is an image of a 5G enabled laptop.