As a Bridgehampton Business, Is Owning Your Laptop Worth the Headache?

March 23, 2020

Business laptops aren’t cheap. In order to purchase a new device for your business, you’ll need to spend close to one thousand dollars to ensure you have enough processing power, memory, and storage space.

And that’s for a standard business device, one that will serve the needs of your support teams and entry-level employees. What about your development teams, professional staff, and management staff? For these individuals, you’ll want an even more capable laptop, which means an even higher price tag.

But here’s the thing – the average lifespan for a laptop is three to five years. That means you could be starting the process of shopping for a new device all over again in just a few years. Is this really the best option?

With so many other critical IT business costs today, you have to ask, is it worth it to keep putting money into brand-new laptops and computers?

The reality is, you don’t have to throw your money away. With subscription-based devices, you can better manage your IT budget and access the best technology for your business. At Doha Inc, our subscription-based devices help Bridgehampton businesses save money on technology costs while also benefiting from high-performance models.

Why Subscription-Based Devices Are Better

If you ask any of our Bridgehampton customers, they’ll tell you, buying new every time you need a laptop for your business isn’t worth it. It’s not just the expense, it’s the time and effort required to continually upgrade, maintain, and repair your devices.

With subscription-based device ownership, things work differently.

Instead of owning your business laptops, computers, wearables, mobile phones, and other devices, we offer a subscription model. All our devices are fully loaded with the latest software, and they are guaranteed to boot up quickly, saving you precious time during the workday. We’ll also ensure your devices are in great shape; healthy laptops and computers are the ones that do their job well.

Why Buying New Isn’t Worth It

Buying new isn’t efficient. It makes managing your IT budget challenging as you never know when a laptop or another device is going to break down. It also leaves you to deal with the hassle of shopping for a new device, maintaining it, and disposing of it responsibly.

With subscription-based devices, the entire process of getting the tech your business needs is streamlined. You always get to work with fully equipped models, and you never have to worry about upkeep or computer and laptop replacement.

For small businesses, in particular, a subscription-model can be a huge advantage. You’ll save time, money, and headaches.

Reach out to the team at Doha Inc today to learn more. We have a huge selection of Doha brand products, including high-performance laptops, tablets, projection systems, and mobile phones. All of our technology offers the security, power, and reliability your business needs.

If you aren’t sure which devices are best for you or if you have questions on our process, contact us – we’re always happy to help.