Are 5G Laptops Better for Gaming?

August 18, 2021

The advent of 5G is now synonymous with speed. And, with a split-second network lag spelling either victory or defeat, it’s no wonder gamers like you are taking notice.

Some Doha 5G laptop users prioritize gaming capabilities over all else, so we’ve had some time to think about this one.

If you’re wondering whether a 5G laptop might improve your gaming performance, let’s settle it.

4G vs. 5G download speeds

Let’s start with the numbers.

Before anything else, you should know that your network speed depends on your carrier or ISP and their coverage.

That said, 4G has a theoretical maximum speed of 300Mb/s. And 5G’s ranges between 1Gb and 10Gb/s. Though, of course, you’ll only witness these speeds in a lab setting.

But remember that 5G is still relatively very new. Those maximum speeds tell us what may lie in store as innovations harness the technology further. And you’ll want to be equipped with a 5G laptop so none of the game-enhancing strides pass you by.

In terms of average daily usage, 4G ranges between 15Mb/s and 50Mb/s. Even now, 5G registers over triple that with speeds of 50Mb/s and faster.

Although specific numbers differ, it’s a near certainty that your carrier’s 5G speeds are a vast improvement over its 4G offerings.

Now, there are three main use cases where 5G’s higher speeds will come into play (pun intended). So let’s look at them:

1. Downloading

Game packages keep getting larger. A game with a 20-hour campaign can require 50Gb to install. Since you’re probably not the type to wait around for hours or days when there’s action to bite into, 5G will cut your download times several times over.

But, you’ll really notice the difference with DLCs and updates, which are often unexpected and a pain to sit through.

2. Streaming

Are you now streaming your games?

With options from Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Network to Google Stadia and Steam, game streaming is coming into its own. But streaming requires high amounts of bandwidth. While 4G may pull through and offer a reasonably playable experience, 5G is safest.

Huge advantages include:

  • Shorter loading times between levels
  • High graphics settings and infrequent screen refreshes
  • Consistent 60FPS-and-higher frame rates

Pair that with a 5G phone and a mobile controller and you’ll be able to game flexibly — while maintaining high performance! Plus, you’ll play the most demanding games on our sleek laptops, meaning no need to lug around those notoriously bulky gaming laptops.

3. Multiplayer matches

You’ll witness less “teleporting,” or those annoying times when an enemy melees you but they were nowhere close. Or, when you run, only for your character to reappear where they were five seconds before.

If you’re big on MMOs, a 5G laptop might be just what you need to overcome network strength annoyances so your skills shine through. After all, 5G can reduce latency to just 1ms.

So, pick up your game-boosting 5G laptop for just one monthly subscription!

There you have it. 5G’s unprecedented network speeds will improve your gaming experience. With a Doha laptop that always boots up in under 30 seconds, it’s speed all the way. Whether you’re playing or working, you blast past.

And, since it’s all on subscription, you effortlessly enjoy the latest advancements in tech.

Elevate your game when you pick up a Doha 5G laptop.

If you’re ready to start your subscription and enjoy blazing fast speeds, call us now at 1-888-DOHAINC.

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