A Beginner’s Guide to PCaaS: What is it? And How It Can Help You?

April 8, 2022

Today, businesses and individuals need quality technology to get the most out of their time, work, and life. We all know that feeling of upgrading to a new phone or computer and realizing how slow and outdated our old device had become.

But oftentimes, we put off buying the latest tech simply because it can be expensive to change devices every year. That’s where PC as a service (or PCaaS) can act as a solution.

What is PCaaS?

PC as a service is a subscription-based model for using and acquiring new laptop devices when they’re most needed. When you or your business choose to use PCaaS, you’re paying a monthly fee to use a vendor’s devices. Like Doha’s!

PCaaS aims to eliminate the stress of needing a high-quality device by supplying you, or you and your team directly with however many devices you need. In addition, PCaaS is a way to easily manage your devices. From purchasing to retiring, PCaaS helps cut costs on purchasing hardware and saves users headaches of having to deal with IT issues.

What are the benefits of PCaaS?

Save on Initial Costs

The most immediate benefit of PC as a service is that it saves you money on purchasing new devices. Buying a PC, installing software, and getting everything set up takes both time and money. But with PC as a service, your devices are ready to go the moment you turn them on.

Extra Devices and Software

One key benefit of a PCaaS model is that it may include other hardware or devices that you don’t typically use or need. But if your business is taking on unique projects, you may find that these devices are helpful to your progress. So, instead of spending additional money on purchasing a supplementary device, you can use it for the period you need it instead.

At Doha Inc, for example, we offer projectors, wearable devices, mobile phones, and more! Each of our devices comes loaded with useful software, applications, and the accessories your business needs to be at its most productive.

Always Enjoy Fast Technology

Over time, devices slow down. So if you’re trying to get work done but you’re stuck losing time to slow device boot-ups, it’s probably time to get a new device. With PC as a service, you can replace your older devices seamlessly as soon as they start to stall. This helps eliminate any downtime and keeps your focus on your business or work. What’s more, PC as a service enables you to save on the costs it would take to replace outdated equipment, or from an expensive IT visit.

Our “30 Second Boot Up Promise” guarantees that your Doha devices will start up instantaneously. And if they don’t, we’ll resolve the issue immediately, and efficiently.

Eliminate the need for Maintenance

One of the most frustrating experiences a business owner can face is losing time to technology issues. Troubleshooting can take a while, and there’s no guarantee you’ll always figure out what’s wrong with a device. PC as a service takes care of all the maintenance associated with your device. Whether you’re replacing or retiring a device, you can save time and energy with one less tech concern to worry about. In short, PC as a service saves you from the headaches of repairs and maintenance and helps ensure your technology is working for you, not against you.

Doha Inc: For All Your PCaaS Needs

When you partner with us for your device needs, you eliminate the stressors of IT issues. You save money for your business and yourself. And you get to enjoy the fastest, latest tech devices available.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today at 1-888-DOHAINC.

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