5 Things 5G Will Enable

April 23, 2020

5G has generated a lot of excitement around the world, and research efforts into its potential applications are in full gear. This new technology is set to alter our lives by improving the way we connect to devices and services around us. 5G is expected to be 100 times quicker than our current cellular network and ten times faster than 4G’s fastest broadband service.

But 5G is not just about connection speeds. Faster speeds indeed fueled the migration from 3G to 4G, but the move to 5G is meant to unlock several technological capabilities besides. As a leading brand in the gadgetry industry, Doha Inc is very excited to see the changes that the new network will bring, and we know you can’t wait too. Here's a look at some of the main technical issues that 5G is expected to address.

Mixed Reality

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the 5G rollout will be virtual reality and augmented reality. The reason why AR and VR are yet to achieve the actual pace of reality is that they’re currently powered by inadequate wireless technology. For AR and VR to have applications outside the gaming industry, they must combine physical and digital elements in real-time. Coupling mixed reality with 5G technology will lead to the development of interactive data apps and other real-world applications.

Autonomous Vehicles

There is a spike in the number of companies that are investing in autonomous vehicles research and development. Engineers are hoping that 5G will play an instrumental role in bringing autonomous vehicles into the mainstream market. 5G is the only data transmission technology fast enough to mimic and possibly replace human reflexes and reactions in driver-less scenarios. We may be years away from a fully functioning 5G system, but the development of reliable autonomous vehicles is inevitable.

Smart Cities

None of us are satisfied with slow-loading apps, and our impatience as a society is the reason why smart cities are still lagging behind other smart industries. The smart cities we see today aren’t living up to their billing, with only a few of them having smart parking lots and AI-controlled street and traffic lights. 5G seems to be the surest way to create sustainable smart cities.

By using 5G to connect technologies through the Internet of Things, cities will be able to increase their trash collection efficiency, reduce electric power outages, and revolutionize traffic management.

Edge Computing

Edge computing, also known as fog computing, is the ability to process data near its source. This accelerates data processing and enables functions such as real-time automation that require instant feedback. For example, if an accident is about to happen near an autonomous vehicle, we don’t want the car to transmit that information to a cloud system for processing. Instead, we want it to react instantly.

Although the cloud has many benefits, it can’t be depended upon to process all the information that the smart world generates. 5G’s minimal latency transmissions and fast data speeds allow the network to handle the large-volume data transfers needed for sophisticated real-time analytics.

Smart Factories

We have already seen how Industry 4.0 has leveraged smart factories, 5G will further support the continued development in smart factories. Once 5G becomes widespread, the manufacturing process’s confinement to the factory floor will come to an end. Manufacturers will be able to streamline the product development chain by linking the design and distribution processes more efficiently. 5G will increase inventory efficiency, eliminate demand-supply mismatch, and minimize factory accidents by reducing human involvement and error.

5G is no longer a buzzword reserved for tech enthusiasts. It's an actual technology that will soon transform the way we live and work. Although we are yet to see 5G’s full potential, expectations are high. Speaking of new technologies, browse through our catalog and sample Doha-branded high-performance laptops, smartphones, tablets, and wearables loaded with the latest software and accessories.