4G Laptops vs 5G Laptops: What You Need to Know

March 8, 2021

Are you already planning the ways 5G access will revolutionize your workflow? For those looking to spend more time working away from the office or ready to become a full-on digital nomad, 5G is a new, revolutionary aspect of the internet’s infrastructure. You might be raring to go, but is your laptop?

Unfortunately, the only thing that can hold you back from accessing new, high-speed capabilities is your devices. We’re going to dig into the difference between 4G and 5G laptops, so you can get the technology that supports the way you work, from your career to your side hustle.

What’s the difference between 4G and 5G?

In the simplest terms, 4G and 5G refer to a laptop’s capacity to access the latest generations of the wireless cellular network. Few people remember the progression from 3G to 4G. There wasn’t the same hype. But now, there’s a lot of talk about what’s going to happen when all network providers get their 5G data network established.

A 5G laptop allows a user to access the latest generation of high-speed cellular data. Experts predict this new generation will be the difference between dial-up internet and broadband. While smartphones may not see immediate benefits, 5G-enabled laptops will provide users with unprecedented freedom and offer new powerful capabilities in their devices.

They’re also going to be easier to connect than ever before because they’re “always-on”–no searching for a hotspot and waiting for a connection. As soon as you open your laptop, you’re connected.

A 4G laptop doesn’t have these same capabilities.

Why do you need a 5G laptop?

Many people use their technology long past their prime. There are many reasons to put off an upgrade, be it an aging smartphone, an early generation Fitbit, or a slow laptop that’s slow to boot.

  • It’s a hassle: whether you’re a tech-pro or novice, it’s a big-investment to research the best product for your needs, find the best price, and then the time spent either online or in-store making sure you get just what you want.
  • It’s expensive: the latest technology comes at a price. Even if you need it for work or have the discretionary funds on hand, it’s reasonable to hesitate before handing over a few thousand dollars.
  • It becomes obsolete too fast: there have been vast improvements in personal technology devices in the past ten years. But that means your computer or phone that’s only a few years old is seriously behind the curve.

Despite the downsides of frequent upgrades for your technology, you still should get a 5G laptop. The 5G network will revolutionize how you work and play, whether you use your computer for your career, your side hustle, or just hobbies and gaming. The devices manufacturers are developing today will offer unprecedented capabilities.

  • Constant access to the cloud: never again worry about a computer’s storage capabilities.
  • Conference anywhere: log into Zoom with a stable connection, even when you’re away from your home office.
  • More power: manufacturers are taking advantage of everything 5G offers, creating high-powered, faster machines.

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