4 Major Signs You Might Need a Doha Laptop

March 2, 2020

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your laptop is outdated or not meeting your needs anymore. Maybe it's getting the job done, but there are laptops out there capable of adding so much more to your daily work life! Doha Inc just so happens to be home to some of the best modern tech products on the market. Here are five signs that you may need a Doha laptop update.

1. Your Laptop Takes Forever to Boot Up

This is one of the most frustrating features of an outdated, worn-out piece of tech. There are few things as stress-inducing as having to wait for a laptop to boot up when you have a time-sensitive project on the go. Tired of waiting 10 minutes just to turn your laptop on? We have the solution.

Here at Doha, we have a 30-second boot-up promise. Our laptops start-up instantaneously. Long boot-up waits shouldn't be an industry standard. We aim a lot higher than that. With Doha, you can just turn on your laptop and get to work. 

2. You Always Need Help From IT Personnel

Do you find that you're always calling IT personnel for help with your laptop? That's a pretty big indicator that it may be time for a change. Having to wait for IT to help you with your computer can be time-consuming, but thankfully, it's totally avoidable. 

Doha devices are sold based on your needs, down to the very last detail. The laptop.sold to you will meet the individual needs of you and your business, which means no more needing to call IT every week!

3. You're Buying for Your Business

Buying more devices for your business? Buying multiples of the laptop you currently have may not cut it. It also may end up being very expensive. At Doha, we have fantastic deals for people buying more than one laptop for their business. Through our subscription model, you'll have access to great prices and a plan that's finely tuned to your needs. Reach out to us for more information!

4. You Can't Download the Latest Apps

A major indicator that your laptop may be in need of an update is if you can't download the latest apps, software, and accessories. This can be a big problem, as you may end up needing some of these additional features in the future. 

Devices under the Doha brand are already outfitted with all the latest features you could ever need, from software to app suites. With our monthly subscription plan, you'll never get stuck with outdated tech ever again. 

Make the Switch 

Want to join a subscription plan or learn more about how Doha devices can bring you into the future? Say no to outdated tech, constantly calling IT, and long waits just to boot-up by reaching out to us today! You can find more information and call us through a link on our website.

We hope to hear from you soon.