4 Key Benefits of a Laptop Subscription

May 10, 2023

As businesses continue to adopt evolving technologies, the hardware your team uses has never been more important. If you’re still operating on legacy systems and outdated hardware, it puts your entire organization at a disadvantage, yet many companies can’t afford the exorbitant investment to upgrade to newer technology.

That’s why so many organizations are instead opting to use a laptop subscription service. It’s a new way to equip your team with the highest-end laptops, and it could lead to numerous benefits.

What is a laptop subscription service?

Rather than buying new laptops, owning them until they eventually become obsolete, and then repeating the entire process, a laptop subscription service simplifies your company’s technological needs. You’ll never have to buy another laptop again. Instead, you pay a fixed rate to essentially lease the laptops you need.

With your subscription fees, you don’t just get the hardware, though. You also get ongoing IT support to keep the devices running efficiently, and if something goes wrong that’s outside of your control, your provider can replace the faulty equipment with a new piece. They also ensure each device is equipped with the latest features to optimize performance for your team.

Reasons to enroll in a laptop subscription service.

Bolster productivity.

The amount of productive work time that’s lost to malfunctioning or slow laptops can drastically impact a company’s bottom line. The longer your team has to wait after booting up their equipment or loading software applications, the less time they have to do their daily tasks. With a subscription service, you can keep your organization equipped with the latest technology to keep them working efficiently.

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Free up time for your IT team.

Any IT department that manages a sufficient number of employees knows that there’s always something seemingly wrong with the laptops throughout the company. If you leave them in charge of ensuring everyone is pleased with their equipment, they’ll lose crucial time taking tickets and researching new equipment. With a subscription model, all of that is handled by the provider, so your IT team can focus on more business-crucial tasks, such as protecting your network or building better workflows.

Get your hardware fixed quickly.

If using slow equipment is bad for your team’s productivity, then being stuck with laptops that don’t work at all is extremely detrimental. It prevents people from getting their jobs done, but it’s a problem you won’t have to worry about with a laptop subscription. Since repairs and updates are a part of the agreement, you simply need to send it back and they’ll either fix the problem or send you a new one.

Implement new technologies.

Seemingly every day, there’s a new piece of hardware or software created that could benefit your business. However, if you’re stuck using old, legacy equipment, you might not be able to implement these solutions because your laptops are simply too dated. If you subscribe to a provider for your equipment, though, you’ll always have the latest and greatest, which means you can easily incorporate new tools into your team’s arsenal.

Take advantage of everything a laptop subscription offers.

DOHA INC’s subscription-based services are perfect for an organization that wants to keep its team on the technological forefront without having to invest too much of its budget in new equipment. We offer laptops complete with the latest software and app suites with a single monthly subscription price. Plus, we proudly stand by our 30-second bootup promise which saves your organization precious time with near instantaneous start up times.

You can browse our selection of DOHA INC products online, or sign up for our free newsletter to stay updated on our latest product launches.

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