3 reasons you should switch to Doha

January 12, 2021

There’s always a new device on the market. And, while it definitely feels good to own cutting-edge, name brand technology, there’s no question about it: that definitely loses its luster after you check your bank account. Or, at the latest, when the next model is released, and you’re left relying on a horse and buggy in a world full of Teslas.

But luckily, there is an alternative. With Doha, you can own the latest technology for a fraction of the price. Our subscription service for devices is unparalleled. And, while our name may lack some cachet, our devices definitely pack a punch.

So if you’re on the fence about switching to Doha, we get it. It’s a big decision, and the concept of subscription based devices may be foreign. But we’re here to alleviate your worries.

What is Doha?

At Doha, we design, build, manufacture, and sell the latest devices. This means computers, mobile phones, wearables, tablets, projectors, and plenty more. Plus, our devices include the latest software and app suites, all of which is covered in a single monthly subscription price.

We believe technology should be accessible to everyone. And, with our monthly subscription price, that’s exactly what it is. Our goal is to satisfy our clients’ end-to-end needs while simultaneously cutting costs across the board. We’ve been proudly serving the entire world; we’re hoping to add you to the list.

So, if you’re wondering why you should switch to Doha, there are plenty of reasons. But here are the 3 we like best:

1. “30 Seconds Boot Up Promise"

One of Doha’s biggest selling points, and one of the selling points we’re most proud of, is our patented “30 Seconds Boot Up Promise.” To put it simply, there’s a direct correlation between the health and state of your laptop and the time it takes to boot up.

So we guarantee our laptops will boot up instantaneously. This is a direct reflection of the quality of your device. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure it’ll require minimal to no maintenance.

2. We can satisfy ALL your device needs

While people seem to love our laptop subscription services, Doha offers so much more than just that. We offer computers, mobile phones, wearables, projectors, and countless other devices and products. Plus, they come loaded with the latest apps, software and accessories.

So no matter what device you need, or what you need it for, Doha promises to deliver.

3. Individual customer payment plan

We understand everyone comes to us with their own unique circumstances. So we go above and beyond to accommodate our clients and their specific needs. We don’t ask questions. We don’t ask you to make concessions. We just work with you. Plain and simple.

This is especially true for our laptop subscription services. We offer “INDIVIDUAL plans” for individual customers. Because, at Doha, we believe we should accommodate you, and not the other way around.

Subscribe now, make the switch, and save money

Making the switch to Doha is the perfect enhancement for your life. Whether it’s for personal use or business use, Doha has plenty to offer at a reasonable, monthly price.

Life is too short to exhaust yourself playing catch up with all the latest technology. We’ll keep you ahead; you just have to kick back and relax. Contact us now and start your subscription!

Customers get a little bit of everything at Doha.