3 Reasons to Choose Doha Laptops as Your Company Technology

October 14, 2020

Your business depends on technology, whether you are just starting out and require a single laptop and cellphone or you’re running a large company and have many employees relying on you to provide them with reliable technology. Doha Laptops is committed to providing the best available technology to our clients through our products, exemplary customer service, and our unique subscription service. Crashes, downtime, old technology all contribute to loss of productivity and can slow down your success. Here are 4 reasons why the technology we provide will benefit your business and your employees.

1. 30-Second Boot-Up Promise

We’ve all been there - impatiently waiting for our computer or phone to reboot because there are pressing matters to attend to. At times it feels like it’s taking forever! With our 30-second boot-up promise, you’ll have a lower waiting time.

Did you know that boot-up time is often an indicator of your device’s overall health? Unless there is a system update (your device will notify you of this), boot-up times shouldn’t take very long. Doha’s boot-up promise not only gives you less waiting time, but it’s also an indication that the devices we provide are running smoothly and are in excellent condition.

2. Subscription-Based Service

Our unique subscription-based service means flexibility and affordability for your business. A subscription-based service has several advantages over buying technology products outright. First of all, it keeps your technology up to date, ensuring your employees have the latest applications and programs they need. Secondly, a subscription-based model eliminates the need for IT personnel. When you choose us, you ensure you get the latest technology every month and costly and time-consuming upgrades will no longer slow down your productivity. This type of approach to your company technology also ensures all your hardware and software are functioning harmoniously and that any new programs and upgrades can seamlessly run on your devices.

3. Our Caring Approach

At Doha Laptops, you are not just a number. We work with companies large and small, from all types of industries, each with different requirements for their company technology. We work with you to create a personalized system for your business needs that is based on your number of employees, industry-specific software, digital security needs, and more.

Whatever device you need for your business, we have it or will source it for you. From laptops and tablets to projection systems and wearable devices, Doha Inc provides everything your organization might need when it comes to technology. Our devices also come with the latest apps and software, ensuring you and your employees stay competitive and have access to the latest technology.

The Final Word

It’s much easier to deal with one supplier for all your devices. All technical questions, invoices, repairs, etc are done in one place, saving you time so you can focus on your business. When you choose Doha Inc as your supplier, you’re not only choosing the best technology, you’re also choosing to work with a company that values customer service and delivers technology solutions that work. See the difference Doha Inc makes and reach out to us today.

This is a photo of someone using Doha Laptops for their company technology needs.